CAPACITIES and specs.

Working Length: 8'-6" / 102" / 2,600mm
Bending Capacity: 1.10" / 28mm
Pre-Bending Capacity: 0.860" / 22mm
Standard Top Roll: 13.40" / 340mm (Diameter)
Side Rolls: 12.60" / 320mm (Diameter)

The max performances are referred to shells of diameter equal or larger than 3 times the top roll diameter and with material with a yield point within R = 260 N / mm².

Our 3-roll variable geometry plate bending machine is user friendly and very fast, thanks to a smart design able to satisfy the customer needs. Working can be made following the steps here below:

Advantages of the Quantum MG 3 Rolls Variable Axis:
The MG 3 roll plate bending machine is characterized by its user friendliness. 

Advantages are various:

Working speed, only one operator is required.
Working can be made in one only pass, following the steps here below:

  • Working speed, only one operator is required.
    • The plate is fed into the machine horizontally thanks to the support of the two side rolls.
    • The plate is instantaneously squared thanks to a line, purposely dug into the rolls, which gives to the operator a straight line to follow.

    The space to the limit of the machine reduces to one side only, thanks to the possibility of squaring and bending in one only step.

    We adviSe a 3 rolls bending machine:

    • For high productivity.
    • For the possibility to bend conical plates.
    • Because it is very user-friendly.


    • 3 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine with roll press bending variable geometry configuration.
    • The rolls are crowned to compensate the loads for deflection and increase the driving and gripping power between plate and rolls.
    • No turning of plate is required all along the rolling process. Easy one-man operation.
    • Parallelism between top and bottom rollers with electro-hydraulic control.
    • Machine housing and frames made of welded steel construction and are stress relieved.
    • The 3 rolls are installed on sealed bearings, free from greasing, and allows for reduced maintenance.


    • Movable Console.
    • Hydraulic (Yoke) system for opening the machine and ejecting the tube.
    • Safety system to conform to EC Rules.
    • Electro welded monolithic structure normalized and machined on the new generation CNC boring machines.
    • Exclusive integrated hydraulic system developed for top-quality performance.
    • Parallelism control by means of massive torsion bars to guarantee height precision also where the newest hydraulic systems fail.
    • Permanent Lubrication System.


    • Electro-welded steel frames worked on CNC working stations.
    • Rolls movement at variable speed from 0 to 100% (excl. machines with electro-hydraulic controls).
    • High performance hydraulic motors, with energy saving planetary gearboxes.
    • Immediate stopping of all movements by over-center valves.
    • Variable speed shaping side rolls (not included on machines with electro-hydraulic controls).
    • Bending rolls by massive torsion bars.
    • Central rolls pressure setting by hydraulic valve, with the right pinching pressure for every material thickness.
    • Hydraulic opening system for pipes ejection. (Yoke)
    • Top roll automatic balancing (for machine opening).
    • Rolls mounted on high loading bearings and double row rolls.
    • Pinching rolls double cambering, to correct the natural deflection of rolls during the working process.

    Protection hydraulic and safety features:

    • Hydraulic peripheral speed compensation system between top roller, plate and bottom roller.
    • Hydraulic system with relief valves to stop the roller at their end position
    • Automatic hydraulic instant braking of rolls rotation
    • Overload protection valves on each hydraulic movable part on the machine.
    • Emergency shut-down system by means of electric safety equipment and push buttons.

    Hydraulic AND ELECTRIC Unit:

    • A single centralized hydraulic tank enclosed on the rear of the machine provide the oil feeding for all the bending operations.
    • The unit is powered with independent pumps to feed simultaneously the rolls rotation and the bending movements of forming.
    • Rolls movement controlled with direct drive electric solenoid valves.
    • The hydraulic unit is powered with electric motors standard star/delta start, to run the pressure hydraulic pumps.
    • Complete electric control of the machine from a centralized electric console movable on wheels and remote to accommodate the best working position. The console is provided with digital readout of rolls bending positions.

    Components and Parts Manufacturer:

    • All the commercial components electric, hydraulic, bearings, pumps, valves, are of highest quality European brands.
    • Integral hydraulic system, with all hydraulic protections at EC norms.
    • Electrical system complete with all “overload” protections at EC norms.
    • Mobile control console for a secure and correct position of the operator .
    • Hydraulic machine opening for the pipe ejection.
    • Multiple stop system that grants the best security.


    • Input power supply 3 phase V.a.c. provided by user up to main power breaker only.
    • Hydraulic oil ISO grade 32. (Oil not supplied).
    • Water supply not required.
    • Air compressed supply not required.
    • Foundation drawing provided at order time.

    Lubrication and Greasing:

    • Greasing free technology. All parts pre-greased and sealed in the factory. Very limited periodical maintenance requirement.


    The ultimate evolution in the plate bending field. Two dragging rolls with hydraulic pinching granting a steady and precise material dragging. 
    This plate bending machine is the easiest, the most versatile, the most precise, and is the quickest machine that the market has to offer.

    Our Plate Rolls meet and exceed the demands of many North American Industries. Covering Industries and Products related to: Fuel Tanks, Storage Systems, Shipyards, Water Heaters, Autoclaves, Food Processing Equipment, Coolers, Structural Steel, Filters, Pressure Vessels, Mining Equipment, Mixers, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Pipelines, Drilling Rigs, Chimney Tubes, Air Compressors, Wind Towers, Nuclear Reactors and that's just some! 




    Motorization: Replacing of all low efficiency components (gears, bushings, mechanical gear boxes, transmission belts, sliding guides…) with the most efficient epicycloidal gear boxes DIRECTLY COUPLED on the rolls, bearings and hydraulic motors, this way all machine strength is focused on the material to bend (positive strength) with consequent Energy saving. This system conforms to the “International High efficiency and Anti-Pollution” standards. A 4 roll plate bending machine motorization is made of two hydraulic motors, directly assembled to the rolls by particular motion transmission gears and gear boxes that gives the maximum performances with the minimum possible strength. The motion is given to the motors trough a hydraulic pump, which is set in action by an electric motor, it is successively given to the inductors and then to the rolls.Furthermore, motorization is very important during the pre-bending phase, it allows to position the plate at the center of the rolls with the maximum precision, without losing it. This is due to the fact that we are using a 4 roll machine, and can pinch the plate with the central rolls, thus, to get a pre-bending that will not be over 1.5 or twice the plate thickness itself. Furthermore, motorization is very important during the pre-bending phase, it allows to position the plate at the center of the rolls with the maximum precision, without losing it. We will get this way a pre-bend that will never be bigger than 1.5 to twice the material thickness.

    Rolls Cambering / Crowning

    Rolls Cambering / Crowning: A good part of the Quantum MG technology is the application on rolls of a variable cambering on the basis of material thickness. Each Quantum MG machine is different from the others even among same models because the rolls do not have the same cambering. Furthermore, during the bending work a particularphenomenon takes place, a phenomenon that is not always visible : the rolls get subject to deflection, but,  thanks to the cambering, they do not reach the breaking point, and grant the very good result in their bending performance.

    Permanent Lubrication System

    Permanent Lubrication System: Thanks to the using of high quality and high resistance materials, can grant a system of permanent lubrication. By using auto-lubricated bearings it will be enough only to grease the parts during the assembling. Quantum plate bending machine’s maintenance won’t be a problem, only a periodical refilling of the oil will be necessary. All machine components are pre-lubricated and sealed following a unique system granting lubrication for the whole machine life.

    High Effeciency and Energy Saving

    High Efficiency and Energy Saving: We replaced low efficiency components (gears, bushings, transmission belts, sliding guides) with the best planetary / epicyclic gearboxes DIRECTLY COUPLED on the rolls and the hydraulic motors. All the machine strength is focused on the material to bend (positive strength) with consequent Energy saving and machine efficiency.

    Top Roll Contrast to Eject Pipes

    Top Roll Contrast to Eject Pipes: When the machine is endowed of conical bending device, Quantum Machinery uses a system called contrast to eject the pipe. Our system is composed of a piston, on the back side of the roll, that monitors the yoke position, when it’s down, the piston moves and lifts the top roll to let the operator eject the pipe without problems. The monitoring is made by a sequence valve that “feels” the pressure increasing in the hydraulic circuit when the yoke opens, transferring it to the contrast piston that lifts the roll. If the machine is CNC controlled, a pressure gauge is mounted on the sequence valve: it has the task of monitoring the pressure when the yoke closes, stopping the flow in the system.

    Flat Part "The Shortest Unbent Flat"

    FLAT PART "The Shortest Unbent Flat": With our plate rolling machine, the short flat part will be only 1.8 times the plate thickness. Yield point and material thickness can influence the final results, but with our Quantum Plate Rolls you always get the shortest unbent flat. See our pre-bending factors.

    Conical Shapes

    Conical Shapes: 
    Conical bendings with a conicity over 2 degrees reduce machine performances. This is due to the unbalanced load on the top roll and its bearings. The more is the cone tilting the more the machine performance will decrease, till a maximum of a 50% in length and in bending thickness. 

    Tight Minimum Diameters

    D min (Full Capacity) = 3 times the top roll diameter.
    D min (60% of Capacity) = 1.1 times the top roll diameter.
    Quantum Plate Bending Machines are designed and built on a basis of 260 N/mm2 yield point material.

    The minimum possible diameter to be bent depends on several factors such as:

    • Top roll diameter
    • Plate thickness
    • Material

    The machine top roll diameter influences the performing of the minimum diameter for the simple fact that we won’t get a lower diameter than the top roll one.
    As for the plate thickness, let’s say we are using a machine with maximum capacity 100mm, on a 3mt length. We wish to bend a plate working at the maximum capacity. In this case the minimum possible diameter we’ll get will be three times the top roll one. Let’s say now we wish to use the same machine at 60% of its maximum capacity, the case we wish to bend a 3mt plate with a 60mm thickness. At this point the minimum diameter we get will be 1.1 times the top roll one.


    Pre-stations are referred to materials with a yield of 260 N/mm2.

    An increase in material mechanical strength, i.e. Yield Point, or Tensile Strength, will reduce the machines pre bending & rolling capacities, by the factor ‘K’ (see chart below).



    Entry-Level Control


    FEATURES and ability to control:

    • Control on Wheels.
    • LED Displays show digital positions of the axis'.
    • Equipped with E-Stop on Control.
    • Heavy-duty control build.
    • Removable Operator Safety Bar (Located at the Bottom of Control).
    • Rolling Direction (Left and Right)
    • Left-Side Roll Movement
    • Right-Side Roll Movement
    • Yoke Movement (Opening and Closing)
    • Left-Side Roll Conical Position Movement (For Rolling Cones)
    • Right-Side Roll Conical Position Movement (For Rolling Cones)
    • Choose Plate Roll Speed
    • Hydraulics On/Off
    NC Nexus Control


    New And evolved Numerical control with all features of NC Links with following added and improved functions:
    Features the possibility to control:
    - Three Bending Axis(X, Y, Z).
    - Two Side Supports.
    - Central support.
    - Pinching controller through pressure.
    - Power Ejector on/off.
    - Interface with PLC control power conveyor.
    - Archive 300 programs with 99 steps each.
    - Graphic interface Man / Machine thorough a tough screen panel.
    - Diagnostic Screens to Control the Correct Functionality of the Machine and all components.

    As you can see.. There are many Unique Versatile Features that our NC Control has to offer. The Quantum NC Nexus control allows for the POSSIBILITY to store presets and quickly recall those presets with ease.



    CNC EVO Control


    Touch Command EVO is the latest version of our CNC system completely integrated with Quantum Plate Rolls, built through years of first-hand experience. The control retains its easy to use interface that our customers have enjoyed; underneath it there is a new extremely powerful engine which delivers a precision of control never before found on a plate rolling machine. This is mainly achieved by the new closed loop system, which constantly monitors the rotation and side roll positions.

    There are some challenges when it comes to designing a true CNC control for a plate rolling machine: the main one is the difference in yield tolerances of the material being rolled. Quantum has taken the unique approach of designing a material library that can be adjusted to work specifically with the material you are receiving. This is done by making test bends with your specific material and inputting the diameters that were actually achieved.

    Once this is done and the computer understands how your material reacts or springs back, it can accurately auto-generate programs of virtually any shape required with the material you adjusted the library for: round, square, triangle, elliptical.

    We recommend Quantum's automated controls for high volume cylinder and shell production, or to roll complex shapes that are not easily reproduced by using manual machine controls. Multiple bends, variable radius bends, ovals and the like are some examples. 

    Technical Characteristics of the CNC Quantum EVO:

    • Programs: virtually unlimited.
    • Steps per program: virtually unlimited.
    • Linux RTI operating system.
    • Integrated 3D graphical engine.
    • Quad core 1.6 GHz Arm low power fan-less industrial.
    • SODIMM DDR Memory 1 GB Industrial.
    • Direct connection of the LVDS LCD display.
    • HDMI port for external monitor.
    • 15” 5W resistive touch screen.
    • 15” LVDS TFT new generation LCD Led display. 
    • Front panel with 4 USB 2.0 ports and 1 RJ45 Ethernet.
    • Automatic Synchronization Movements. 
    • Expandable I/O for additional axes.
    • Closed loop proportional valves control.
    • High speed 485 communication bus.
    • Automatic motor power Off for energy saving.

    CNC Evo Features:

    • ASM: Automatic Syncro Movememts
    • ITD: Interpolation Trajectory Display
    • PBS: Proportional Bending System
    • OAR: Online Assistance Real Time
    • AOI: Automatic oil Indicator
    • VDS: Visual Diagnostic Software
    • CAN: CAN Communication
    • EPG: External program Generator
    • VGA: Video Signal Output
    • USB: Ports on the Frame of the CNC
    • RPC: Radiation Protection Components
    • UPS: Back Up Power Supply
    • TTL: Three Tests Libraries
    • ACF: Auto Calibration Function


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