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MG srl has been producing plate rolls since 1959

In 2001, Quantum Machinery Group was founded under the principles of Honesty and Integrity. Throughout the years Quantum Machinery has gained 1,000's of customers throughout all of North America and have become the exclusive U.S. Supplier for many high-end machinery manufacturers. MG Srl Plate Rolls have become one of Quantum Machinery's best selling units, sold and supported nation-wide. When it comes to Plate Rolls, and who you choose to move forward with for your next plate roll purchase, there truly is no competition when it comes to the unique collaboration between MG's high-end quality Italian machines, with features & controls proprietary to the rest of the marketplace, and Quantum Machinery's customer service oriented team of Sales Engineers, Technical Staff, Parts Department, and Customer Relations.

We'd love to have the opportunity to speak speak with you and earn your business. Give us a call at (909) 476-8007 and ask to speak with one of our knowledgable and friendly sales engineers or email us at Sales@QuantumMachinery.com

To name just a few of the reputable manufacturers that Quantum Machinery carries: MG SrL (Plate Rolls and Straightening Machines), TaurinGroup (Angle Rolls / Roll Benders), MACC (Cold Saws and Band Saws), Nargesa (Ironworkers and Ornamental Working Machinery), ADIRA (Press Brakes and Shears), Pedrazzoli, MACKMA, and Macri (Rotary Benders), TECOI (Lasers), and more!! 

Lead Staff

Albert Solano
Sales Director

Michael Bucciero
Head of the Technical Department

Nicole Sanders

Tony Solano
Lead Sales Application Engineer

Sherry Miller
Head of the Parts Department