G4010C - 13 FOOT X 0.390" 3 ROLL PLATE BENDER

The ultimate evolution in the plate bending field. Two dragging rolls with hydraulic pinching granting a steady and precise material dragging. This plate bending machine is the easiest, the most versatile, most precise, and the quickest machine the market can offer. All parts are selected among the best brands in the world to grant: Precision, Long-Life and Versatility.

Our Plate Rolls meet and exceed the demands of many North American Industries. Covering Industries and Products related to: Fuel Tanks, Storage Systems, Shipyards, Water Heaters, Autoclaves, Food Processing Equipment, Coolers, Structural Steel, Filters, Pressure Vessels, Mining Equipment, Mixers, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Pipelines, Drilling Rigs, Chimney Tubes, Air Compressors, Wind Towers, Nuclear Reactors and that's just to name a few! 


  • Electro-welded steel frames worked on CNC working stations.
  • Rolls movement at variable speed from 0 to 100% (excl machines with electro-hydraulic controls).
  • High performance hydraulic motors, with energy saving planetary gearboxes.
  • Immediate stopping of all moments by overcenter valves.
  • Variable speed shaping side rolls (not included machines with electro-hydraulic controls).
  • Bending rolls by massive torsion bars.
  • Central rolls pressure setting by hydraulic valve, with the right pinching for every material thickness.
  • Hydraulic opening system for pipes ejection.
  • Top roll automatic balancing (for machine opening).
  • Rolls mounted on high loading bearings and double row rolls.
  • Pinching rolls double cambering, to correct the natural deflection of rolls during the working process.
  • Machine Wholly Hydraulic.


Working Length: 13.45' / 161.4" / 4100mm
Bending Capacity: 0.390" / 10mm
Pre-Bending Capacity: 0.315" / 8mm
Standard Top Roll: 13" / 320mm
Side Rolls: 12" / 300mm
Dimensions: 18'-4" Length x 4' Width x 4'-7" Height


The Quantum MG 3 roll plate bending machine is characterized by its very user-friendly interface.
Advantages are various:
- Only one operator is required. 
Working can be made following the steps here below:
  1. Square
  2. Pre-bending on an edge
  3. Pre-bending on the other edge
  4. Final bending
- The plate is fed into the machine horizontally thanks to the support of the two side rolls (B e D).
- The plate is instantaneously squared thanks to a groove, purposely dug into the rolls, which gives to the operator a straight line to follow. This way, squaring and bending are in one step only.

We advise a 3 roll bending machine:
- For High Productivity
- For the possibility to bend conical plates.
- Because it is very user friendly.

Quantum NC Nexus Control (Optional):
- Pinching controller through pressure.
- Power Ejector on/off.
- Interface with PLC control power conveyor.
- Archive 300 programs with 99 steps each.
- Graphic interface Man / Machine thorough a tough screen panel.


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(I.e.: Looking for a 6 Foot, 3 Roll Plate Bender capable of bending 1/2" Mild Steel Plate with Multiple Radii, with the tightest radius being 36".)
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