F05A - 1.5 FOOT X 0.047" 2 ROLL PLATE BENDER


Working Length: 1'-9" / 21" / 550mm
Bending Capacity: 0.047" / 1.2mm
Standard Top Roll: 3.15" / 80mm (Diameter) 
Standard Lower Roll: 8.7" / 220mm (Diameter)
The max performances are referred to shells of material with a yield point within R = 260 N / mm².


  • Electro-welded steel frames worked on CNC working stations.
  • Rolls movement at variable speed from 0 to 100% (this does not include machines with electro-hydraulic controls and Lynx controlled).
  • High performance Hydraulic motors, with energy saving, no secondary transmissions such as chains, gears, belts ...
  • Immediate stopping of all moments by over center valves.
  • Variable speed shaping side rolls (this does not include machines with electro-hydraulic controls and Lynx controlled).
  • Bounded roll controlled by massive torsion bars.
  • Hydraulic opening system for pipes ejection.
  • Top roll automatic balancing (for machine opening).
  • Rolls mounted on high loading bearings and double row rolls.
  • Machine wholly hydraulic.
  • One operator only for all bending operations.

Designed and manufactured to bend thin materials, these rolling machines can close very small diameters. If you need high productivity and small diameters, this is the right choice!
A dragging bounded roll with hydraulic pinching grant a steady and precise material dragging. Our 2-roll plate bending machines have Warranty on all components: high quality industrial brands, easy to find in every corner of the world.

For dedicated high speed production of light gauge cylinders they are the optimal solution by MG. Hardened and ground steel roll on top, with a large diameter roll at the bottom made of high-density urethane. You can get perfect “one pass rolling” with output of thousands parts per day. Punched and pierced plates do not deform with these MG plate rolls. Our 2-roll plate rolling machines are the right technology in high-speed production of shells in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Standard equipment:

  • Electro welded monolithic structure normalized and machined in the new generation CNC boring machines.
  • Exclusive integrated hydraulic system developed for height performances.
  • Permanent lubrication system.
  • Movable Console
  • Hydraulic system for opening the machine and ejecting the tube.
  • Safety system to conform to EC Rules.


  • Integral hydraulic system, with all hydraulic protections at EC norms.
  • Electrical system complete with all “overload” protections at EC norms.
  • Mobile control console for a secure and correct position of the operator.
  • Hydraulic machine opening for the pipe ejection.
  • Multiple stop system that grants the best security.

Parts Used:

Planetary Gear boxes By: BREVINI, DINAMIC OIL (Italy)
Hydraulic Motors By: SAI, INTERMOT (Italy)
Hydraulic Pumps By: CASAPPA (Italy)
Hydraulic Valves By: ARON, DUPLOMATIC (Italy)
Electric Parts By: TELEMECANIQUE (France)
Bearing By: SKF, FAG, RKB, HRB (Germany, Italy)


Our Plate Rolls meet and exceed the demands of many North American Industries. Covering Industries and Products related to: Fuel Tanks, Storage Systems, Shipyards, Water Heaters, Autoclaves, Food Processing Equipment, Coolers, Structural Steel, Filters, Pressure Vessels, Mining Equipment, Mixers, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Pipelines, Drilling Rigs, Chimney Tubes, Air Compressors, Wind Towers, Nuclear Reactors and that's just some! 



Main Advantages of a Quantum 2 Roll Plate Bender

A Quantum two roll plate bending machine is characterized by the fact that it has just two rolls, and one is bounded.
The bounded roll is the one that allows the plate to be bent, thanks to the deflection that occurs on it when pressure is applied. Advantages are various:

  • Working speed.
  • The bending process is performable in only one pass, following these steps:
    • a. Plate feeding
    • b. Bending
  • The plate is instantaneously squared thank to the position of the two rolls (see the image on the left).
  • The space to the limit of the machine reduces thank to its dimensions.

We advise a 2 roll plate bending machine:

  • For high productivity.
  • For the possibility to bend plates with very tight diameters.
  • Because it is extremely user friendly.
Automatic Simultaneous/Synchronous Balancing

Automatic Simultaneous/Synchronous Balancing: Our bending rolls parallelism is controlled by massive TORSION BARS working in symbiosis with sophisticated valves controlling the oil flow . This system grants the complete and steady parallelism, in every working environment and conditions.

Permanent Lubrication System

Permanent Lubrication System: Thanks to the using of high quality and high resistance materials, can grant a system of permanent lubrication. By using auto-lubricated bearings it will be enough only to grease the parts during the assembling. Quantum plate bending machine’s maintenance won’t be a problem, only a periodical refilling of the oil will be necessary. All machine components are pre-lubricated and sealed following a unique system granting lubrication for the whole machine life.

Direct Drive Motorization

Direct Drive Motorization: Replacing of all low efficiency components (gears, bushings, mechanical gear boxes, transmission belts, sliding guides…) with the most efficient epicycloidal gear boxes DIRECTLY COUPLED on the rolls, bearings and hydraulic motors, this way all machine strength is focused on the material to bend (positive strength) with consequent Energy saving. This system conforms to the “International High efficiency and Anti-Pollution” standards. A Quantum two roll plate bending machine motorization is made of a single motor directly assembled to the lower roll through particular motion transmission gears and gear boxes that gives the maximum performance with the minimum possible strength. The motion is given to the motors through a hydraulic pump, which is set in action by an electric motor, it is successively given to the inductors and then to the roll. Thanks to a direct connection between motor and roll we can obtain a very fast bending process.

Tight Minimum Diameters

MINIMUM PERFORMABLE DIAMETER : The minimum possible diameter to be bent depends on several factors such as: 1. Top Roll Diameter, 2. Plate Thickness, 3. Material The machine top roll diameter influences the performing of the minimum diameter for the simple fact that we won’t get a lower diameter than the top roll one. As for the plate thickness, let’s say we are using a machine with maximum capacity 100mm, on a 3mt length. We wish to bend a plate working at the maximum capacity. In this case the minimum possible diameter we’ll get will be three times the top roll one. Let’s say now we wish to use the same machine at 60% of its maximum capacity, the case we wish to bend a 3mt plate with a 60mm thickness. At this point the minimum diameter we get will be 1.1 times the top roll one. MG plate bending machines are designed and built on a basis of 260 N/mm2 yield point material.
D min (Full Capacity) = 3 times the top roll diameter.
D min (60% of Capacity) = 1.1 times the top roll diameter.

Flat Part "The Shortest Unbent Flat

If the choice of the machine has been made attentively, the minimum flat part you get will be 1.5 or twice the plate thickness. Even in this case, the plate thickness and its yield point, relating to the machine capability, make the difference.


Pre-stations are referred to materials with a yield of 260 N/mm2.
An increase in material mechanical strength, i.e. Yield Point, or Tensile Strength, will reduce the machines pre bending & rolling capacities, by the factor ‘K’ [see chart].

additional options


Central Support

Quantum's Central Support has been developed to carry and help the plate in every phase of the bending process. This helps us to keep the material stable without having changed of the radiuses due to the weight of the plate.
The Central Beam is fully hydraulic and it is composed by a piston and two chains that let the movements (UP and DOWN) happens.

Side Support

Quantum's Side Support has the function to carry the plate during the bending process, in fact, during the rolling, it is possible to face problems due to the thickness and the weight of the plate. If the plate is very thin and we are going to roll a very wide diameter, the material will not favour the stability, but it will try to deform and so change its radiuses. Using a Quantum Machinery Side Support, the problem is fixed.

Loader and Automations

A big range of magnetic and vacuum conveyors, added to motorized feeding table with square system, let the operator easily move plates and it becomes not necessary to use extra working staff.


This control uses one of the most powerful software, the technology of curvature of the plate, when available on a PLC. The User Interface Machine, conceived and created entirely by the technical team of the MG Srl, is very intuitive and easy to use even by those who have no in-depth knowledge of electronic controllers by sending messages directly to guide the work of the software same.

Configurations (On the configurations, you can perform the following settings for the automatic cycle):

  • Rise time - is a number expressed in seconds and must be sufficient to allow the axis to meet the share.
  • Closing time release - is a number expressed in seconds and must be sufficient to allow the axis to meet the share and ensure adequate closure.
  • Change of rotation automatically - via the button with the logo of the rotation of the rollers is possible to change the direction of rotation at each pressure.


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